New Paris Speedway is very excited to welcome ATC Trailers to our racing family as they have come on to sponsor our Super Late Model Sizzler Series. The series will consist of 6 races races including the 14th Annual Summer Sizzler. The dates for these events are May 2, May 23, July 3, July 25, August 6 and August 22. The current leader of the point standings come August 6th will get to roll the dice after the field is set for the 14th Annual Summer Sizzler to determine where he will start 1-6. The tires, which you can find under our Team/Driver Info section, will be the same for all 6 events, including the Summer Sizzler.

For the 5 SLM, excluding the Summer Sizzler, race tires will be purchased at the track on raceday. After the 1st event, racers who opt to not purchase any tires and race on the previous event's tires will start ahead of those who purchase one, who will start in front of driver's who purchase two, who will start in front of driver's who purchase three. Driver's who purchase a new set of 4 will start behind all others and by qualifying time.

Payout for the 5 races, excluding the Summer Sizzler:

1). $2,000 2). $1,000 3). $700 4). $600 5). $550 6). $500 7). $450 8). $400 9). $375 10). $350 11). $300 12-18). $300 to start

*18 cars will start these 5 races. Fastest 16 and 2 from last chance

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