Saturday, September 8th will our Enduro 200. This year's race will have a $50 registration fee due at pit shack the day of the race and will include driver's pit pass. The top 30 finishers are guaranteed at least their money back. If we have less than 75 cars the winner will get $750 and if we have 75 cars the winner will get $1,000.

Enduro style racing will be no caution flags and very minimal red flags and only stoppage if a driver is stranded in a dangerous position. If the red flag is thrown, the driver will be removed to safety and the car will be left where it is. We will not allow driver door hits but everything else is fair game!

The gates will open at 4pm and cars will start being lined up on track at 6pm. Green flag drops at 7pm!

Starting lineup will be set on order we receive your Enduro 200 Registration Form. You do not have to pay at time of pre-registering. Dues will be paid at the day of race at the pit shack.

Rules and payout for the event- 2018 Enduro Rules & Payout!





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