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2021 Summer Sizzler Driver Info




Attention all drivers:


1. Super Late Model tires will be Hoosier NP800’s OR D800. (EXCEPT: CABIN FEVER CLASSIC AND SIZZLER)

2. Limited Late Model tires will be Hoosier NP800’s OR D800.

3. Street Stock tires will be Hoosier 800’s.

4. Mini Stock tires will be Hoosier 790’s.

5. Outlaw Front Wheel Drives will be Radial Tires that are DOT Compliant.

6. Hornet and Diva Hornets will be Radial Tires in 55-80 Series 166mm-215mm. All 4 tires must be the same size. Minimum tread wear of 300 is required.

*All perfect attendance drivers will once again cash in at our end of season banquet by taking the track’s portion of the 50/50 sales throughout the season plus some other raffles/games that will contribute to this pot!

*Raceceivers will be required for all classes this season at the New Paris Speedway. Drivers who do not have a working raceceiver may not be scored. Raceceiver’s will be available at the track for rent and sale if you do not have one.

*ALL Features will be double file restarts ALL season long. This is NOT Madhouse restarts!

If you have any questions or concerns please email jammbracing@gmail.com.

We want to thank all the drivers who support us and wish everyone a great 2020 season.