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2023 Driver Registration Open

2023 Driver Registration Open

The 2023 Driver registrations for all Classes is now open. Click Image to Register.



The Hornet Class is the entry level class at New Paris Speedway. Designed around affordability the Hornet Class is made up of Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinder cars that are to remain factory stock with the exception of the addition of a minimum 4 point roll cage and other safety equipment. The typical investment into a Hornet class car is around $1,000 to $1500.

Hornet Rules: http://newparisspeedway.myracepass.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=620675

Troyer Carpets Outlaw Front Wheel Drives

The Troyer Carpets Outlaw Front Wheel Drive class is a class based on 4 and 6 cylinder front wheel drive cars that are a step up from the entry level Hornet class. Cars in this class are allowed to make modifications to the body, engine, suspension etc. as well as use racing tires.

OFWD Rules: http://newparisspeedway.myracepass.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=620677

Swi's Guys Mini Stocks

The Swi's Guys Mini-Stock class is made up of rear wheel drive 4 and 6 cylinder cars that typically are Ford Mustangs from the 1980's and up. The Mini-Stocks provide tons of excitement week after week with great competition.

Mini-Stock Rules: http://newparisspeedway.myracepass.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=620676

Monteith's Best One Tire and Auto Street Stocks

The Monteith's Best One Tire and Auto Street Stock Class is truly one of the fans favorites. The Street Stocks are rear wheel drive V8 driven stock body cars resembling the cars from NASCAR's heyday from the 80's and 90's.

Street Stock Rules: http://newparisspeedway.myracepass.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=620680

Limited Late Models

The Limited Late Model Class at New Paris Speedway was created as a more affordable alternative to the Outlaw Late Models in which costs can approach close to $100,000. The Limited Late Models closely resemble the Outlaw Late Models but several cost control methods in their rules to keep the class somewhat affordable. The Limited Late Models compete weekly at New Paris Speedway.

Limited Late Model Rules:

Bennett Drive Away Outlaw Late Models

The Outlaw Late Models are truly the premier class at any venue. These are one of the fastest classes of cars found at any short track. With their sleek aerodynamic wedge style bodies and massive horsepower engines, these cars will get you adrenaline pumping for sure. The Outlaw late Models annually headline the New Paris Speedway's premier event, "The Summer Sizzler" held every year on the first Thursday night in August.

Outlaw Late Model Rules:


The Modified class is featured at New Paris Speedway several times a year for special shows including the "Summer Sizzler". These rear wheel drive cars feature an open wheel design with truly unique bodies. The Modifieds are always exciting and a treat to watch.

Modified Rules:

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