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Wrecktober 2021!!!!

Wrecktober 2021!!!!

Wrecktober 2021 10/2/2021

Race Day Info

Event Cancellation Policy


General Admission Grandstand seating is available throughout the facility. The Turn 3 Grandstands are for Pit Pass holders only and the Red Grandstands to the East of the Race Tower are the family section (NO SMOKING OR DRINKING IS ALLOWED IN THE FAMILY SECTION).

Trackside Parking

Unique to New Paris Speedway is Trackside Parking. This parking is located throughout the turn 1 and turn 2 areas. This parking is free of charge and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking is located behind the main grandstand to the West of the Race Tower. You may also use Trackside Parking as well.


The main restrooms are located behind the Family Section Grandstands (Red) to the east of the race tower. Port a Potties are located throughout the rest of the facility.


The New Paris Speedway has 5 Concession stands to curb your refreshment needs. A large variety of items from Hamburgers and Hot Dogs to Elephant Ears and Snow Cones are all close by. The concession Stands are cash only. A beer garden is set up between turns one and two several times a year for special events.

Carry In Food and Beverage Policy

The New Paris Speedway allows you to bring in your own food and beverage as well as coolers. We are one of the few tracks in the nation to allow this as long as the policy is not abused ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY


The Souvenir stand is located behind the race tower on the front stretch adjacent to the main concession stand. The stand has anything from toys to apparel to candy and gum. You will also find Sunscreen and Bug Repellant as well. You may also purchase your Dollar Hollar there and our announced with be happy to announce your message.


The New Paris Speedway has a Pavilion located near turn one that is available for nightly rentals and special events. email the speedway for more info: newparisspeedway@gmail.com

Canopy Policy

Canopy Policy

Driver Registration

Driver Registration

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